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People & Work


Build high performing teams
with leading edge insights at your fingertips


People & Work


Build high performing teams
with leading edge insights at your fingertips


What is Clearfit Analytics?

Companies usually know who their best people are and WHAT they’ve done. What they don’t know is WHY. So, why do people who look so similar on paper and who were hired, onboarded, coached and trained the same way, perform so differently?

We created Clearfit Analytics to answer WHY.

Clearfit’s self-serve platform is fast and easy to use and provides objective insights and predictive data that are unique to your entire organization. It answers questions about WHY to help you make better decisions throughout the employee lifecycle.

Replicate Your Top Performers

Our patented science and technology automatically creates a custom success profile, defining the benchmark for success for each role in your organization built from your top performers.

Career Pathing and Development

Get instant comparisons of employees against all positions in your organization to see which growth opportunities are aligned with their potential.

Uncover Leadership Potential

Objectively identify who within your organization has the potential to be a future manager or leader.

Build and Manage Diverse Teams

Our system converts data into insights for superior feedback, coaching and development – to help you get the most from your team.

Predict Hiring Success

Candidates are matched against your custom success profiles highlighting those with the highest potential to succeed along with insights to help dig deeper.

Building a world class team is an information game…This is how you win.
Read the 20 minute book for today’s top leaders.

We set out on this journey with a mission to help get the right people into the right jobs. 70% of people are in the wrong jobs and, since we spend more time working than we do doing anything else, being in the wrong job can have a major negative impact on a person.

I’ve experienced this firsthand. Despite a career that includes working with some of the best known companies in the world and a degree from Harvard, I found work mainly frustrating. That negative feeling not only affects people, it also impacts organizations that have to deal with underperformance and turnover.

Clearfit Analytics began with an idea and is spawning a movement to force us all to reimagine the way we look at people and work. Looking past what someone has done to see who they are and what they are capable of doing – to maximize their potential.

We are proud that nearly 5,000 companies and 1.5 million people have joined us on our journey so far and that number is growing everyday. We hope you will be the next to join and change the way we look at people and work forever.


Jamie Schneiderman
Clearfit Analytics Founder & CEO